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or Has·sid also Chas·sid  (KHä′sĭd, KHô′-, hä′-)
n. pl. Ha·si·dim or Has·si·dim also Chas·si·dim (KHä-sē′dĭm, KHô-, hä-)
A member of a Jewish mystic movement founded in the 18th century in eastern Europe by Baal Shem Tov that reacted against Talmudic learning and maintained that God's presence was in all of one's surroundings and that one should serve God in one's every deed and word.

[From Hebrew ḥāsîd, pious, from ḥāsad, to be kind; see ḥsd in Semitic roots.]

Ha·si′dic adj.
Ha·si′dism n.
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Adj.1.Hasidic - of or relating to the Jewish Hasidim or its members or their beliefs and practices
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27, a young man heaved a large brick at Abraham Gopin, a 63-year-old member of the Chabad Hasidic community exercising in Lincoln Terrace Park, toward the eastern end of Crown Heights.
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There is much ignorance about the insular Hasidic communities, and fear by the modern, egalitarian province that Hasidic women are being oppressed.
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