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(hɑˈskɑ lɑ, ˌhɑ skɑˈlɑ)

an 18th–19th-century movement among central and E European Jews, intended to modernize Jews and Judaism by encouraging adoption of secular European culture.
[1900–10; < Hebrew haśkālāh enlightenment]
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These schools have always been bastions of orthodoxy, aiming their teaching from the start against heresies like Hassidism; then against reformed Judaism like the belief advocated by Moses Mendelssohn, Haskallah, which was the equivalent of the philosophy of the Enlightenment; and today, in the State of Israel, against the secular state.
There had also been a growing conflict between Orthodox Talmudism, the Haskallah movement (Hebrew: knowledge, education) promoting secular modernization and enlightenment, and the plebeian Hassidic revivalists who revolted against Talmudic scholarship and prized faith and separation from the Gentiles above learning and integration.