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or Has•mo•nae•an

(ˌhæz məˈni ən)

a member of a Jewish priestly family in Judea in the 1st and 2nd centuries b.c. that included the Maccabees.
[1610–20; variant (with h- < Hebrew ) of Asmonean < Late Latin Asmōnae(us) (< Greek Asmṓnaios) + -an1]
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After a twenty years' struggle, the Maccabees were able to form the Hasmonean dynasty in 164 BCE.
Not far away, in Area C, are the Hasmonean palaces, the most important preserved Hasmonean site in Israel.
Among their topics are tosafot gornish post-Kant: the Talmud as political thought, temporalities of marriage: Jewish and Islamic legal debates, rabbinic trickster tales: the sex and gender politics of the Bavli's sinful sages, Paul in the Jerusalem of Lithuania: Samuel Joseph Fuenn's Paths of God, and the Battle of Qedesh on the Plain of Hatsor: the Hasmonean roots of the Galilean foundation myth.
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For Matatyahu the Hasmonean was an iconoclast and a zealot for
For instance, in chapter 4 Cohen shows that Jewish identity in the Hasmonean period shifted from ethnic identity to religious, cultural, and/or political identity: "But by investing Judaean identity with political or cultural (religious) content, the Hasmonaeans were able to give outsiders an opportunity to attain membership in Judaean society.
Already in the century before, elite Hasmonean designs on Galilee's fertile produce had the Jerusalem theocrats "gentrifying" the mestizo hinterland, re-orienting village economics toward city service, pulling the fierce northern peasantry into the ideological orbit of Jerusalem, and mandating tithing to support Temple-State agendas and priestly lifestyles.
This sensational discovery allows us for the first time to reconstruct the layout of settlement and the actual look of the city on the eve of the Hasmonean revolt," said the excavation's directors, Doron Ben-Ami, Salome Cohen and Yana Tchekhanovets.
After initial coaching, nine children from Richard Cloudesley School, Hasmonean Primary School and Frank Barnes School had great fun playing power hockey, football and completing a slalom.
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the Hasmonean leader John Hyrcanus destroyed the Samaritan temple on Mt.
In the first book published specifically on the institution of the Hasmonean high priesthood (200-167 BCE), Babota presents an interdisciplinary, exegetical and historical comparative study.