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(ˈhɑ səl)

Odd, 1897–1981, Norwegian chemist: Nobel prize 1969.
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Noun1.Hassel - Norwegian chemist noted for his research on organic molecules (1897-1981)
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The planning includes the intensive participation of the participating sports clubs SC Hassel and YEG Hassel.
Las principales referencias sobre la presencia de hepaticas talosas en Argentina corresponden a las colecciones o trabajos realizados principalmente por Montagne (1839), Jack & Stephani (1895), Evans (1898), Dussen (1905), Spegazzini (1922), Massalongo (1928), Kuhnemann (1949), Arnell (1955), Herzog (1957), Hassel de Menendez (1962), Bischler (1979) y Hassel de Menendez & Rubies (2009).
We're very excited that so many of our locations are being recognized for the exceptional patient care they deliver," said Kirsten von Hassel, Director of Marketing at Gentle Dental.
Dr Rainer Hassel was elected as Chairperson of the Council.
In particular, the company acquired Munday Chevrolet and Munday Mazda in Houston, which will continue to operate under their current names, and disposed of the Hassel Volvo dealership on Long Island.
Addressing a crowd of dignitaries and locals from al-Safira city, Tal Aran and Tal Hassel areas in Aleppo, the governor said the locals of Aleppo will "remain unbowed by terrorism" hand in hand with the Syrian army until security and stability are restored.
The decision taken by Bulgaria's government in March regarding the South Stream was astonishing, the author, Florian Hassel, argues.
It seems like there are more and more "Made in USA' labels on more pet products than there were five years ago," Hassel says.
BEIRUT - The Syrian army advanced Wednesday on the Islamist-held northern village of Tal Hassel, a monitor said, as jihadist rebels in nearby Aleppo called for mass mobilisation to counter the offensive.
I'm looking for Hassel Castle but everything I've seen so far is too big
Contributors include Lucy Steiner, Jiye Grace Han, Emily Ayscue Hassel, Bryan Hassel, Sharon Kebschull Barrett, and Beverley Lester Tyndall.
Don't let this opportunity pass by if you are looking for a no hassel food business.