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 (KHä′sĭd, KHô′-, hä′-)
Variant of Hasid.
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(ˈhæsɪd; Hebrew xaˈsid) or


(Judaism) variant spellings of Chassid
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(ˈhɑ sɪd, ˈxɑ-, ˈxɔ-, xɑˈsid)

n., pl. Ha•sid•im (hɑˈsɪd ɪm, xɑ-, ˌxɑ siˈdim)
a member of a Jewish sect founded in Poland in the 18th century that emphasizes mysticism, ritual strictness, religious zeal, and joy.
[1810–20; < Hebrew ḥāsīd pious (person)]
Ha•sid•ic (hɑˈsɪd ɪk, hə-) adj.
Has•i•dism (ˈhæs ɪˌdɪz əm, ˈhɑ sɪ-) n.
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Noun1.Hassid - a member of a Jewish sect that observes a form of strict Orthodox Judaism
Chasidim, Chassidim, Hasidim, Hasidism, Hassidim - a sect of Orthodox Jews that arose out of a pietistic movement originating in eastern Europe in the second half of the 18th century; a sect that follows the Mosaic law strictly
Orthodox Jew - Jew who practices strict observance of Mosaic law
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One of them, Rabbi Levi Goldschmidt, is the great-grandson of a noted Hassid who risked his life to prepare for that last Seder by secretly baking matzah, the unleavened bread eaten during Passover.
Before tikkun reaches the messianic results so dear to the believer, there is a laundry list of tasks to be accomplished first, and no one is excluded or excused from performing them: as Levinas, not a Hassid but neither a new-age pagan, explained, human behavior (not just Jewish) makes god come closer or withdraw from the worlds, hence "Man is answerable for the universe!" (1994, 125)--and Man is everyone (although the Law is Jewish).
It constantly holds Western journalistic professionalism as its guiding principle, emphasizing objective facts, balanced reporting, and free market of opinion (Hassid, 2011).
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(2011) found that patients with obesity with BED (both men and women) had more depression and anxiety symptoms than those without BED (Galanti, Gluck, & Geliebter, 2007; Geliebter, Hassid, & Hashim, 2001; Kolotkin et al., 2004), which in turn is related to greater concern over food, weight, and body image, as well as lower self-esteem and poor quality of life (Kolotkin et al., 2004; Nicdao et al.,2007).
Companies and entrepreneurs from across the region were joined by local authorities and education leaders for talks by performance coach Darren Lawrenson, leadership expert Fiona McKay, and innovative thinker Jed Hassid.
Jameela Hassid came fourth, posting a time of 35.16 seconds.
Similar results were obtained by Hassid [19], Recavarren [18], and Oda [13].
According to Talia Hassid, communications manager for the Celiac Disease Foundation (CDF), in Woodland Hills, Calif., celiac disease affects 1 percent of the population, making it one of the world's most prevalent -- yet under-diagnosed -- genetic autoimmune conditions.
Tunisian Prime Minister Hassid Essid said the assault was an Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) attempt to carve out a stronghold on the border.