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n.1.One who hastens.
2.That which hastens; especially, a stand or reflector used for confining the heat of the fire to meat while roasting before it.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Anzu I 2, 4, 14) and ha-'i-is tuq-ma-te, "hastener to battle" in II 128, two phrases in close proximity that together echo the Anzu prologue: at I 14 Ninurta is called [ga]-[as.sub.2]-ra ha-a-a-[sa.sub.2] (20) mut-tab-bi-la qab-la a-nun-te, "mighty hastener, who always carries the battle (and) combat." Hallo and Moran remark upon the similarity of Enuma elis II 128 to this line (1979: 92).
Finally, the short title of the legislation just cited reminds us that, in northern Australia, opium introduced from Asia (along with alcohol and sex offered by non-white crews of ships visiting the northern coast) was frequently thought a major contributor to or hastener of the Aboriginal race's extinction; (75) thus, there would also have been easy opportunities in debate and discussion on s 51 (xxvi) to segue between a supposedly distinctive vice of the Chinese, one of the races most certainly a candidate for 'special laws' under s 51 (xxvi), and the imminent demise of the Aboriginal race as a justification for excluding the latter from the races power; but this thought too occurred to no-one at any time.
In Mersey side Maritime Museum's Life at Sea gallery there is a hastener from about 1877.