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A borough of southeast England on the English Channel at the entrance to the Strait of Dover. Hastings is near the site of William the Conqueror's victory over the Anglo-Saxons under Harold II (October 14, 1066).


1. (Placename) a port in SE England, in East Sussex on the English Channel: near the site of the Battle of Hastings (1066), in which William the Conqueror defeated King Harold; chief of the Cinque Ports. Pop: 85 828 (2001)
2. (Placename) a town in New Zealand, on E North Island: centre of a rich agricultural and fruit-growing region. Pop: 71 100 (2004 est)


1. (Biography) Gavin. born 1962, Scottish Rugby Union footballer; played for Scotland (1986–95), scoring 667 points in 61 games
2. (Biography) Warren. 1732–1818, British administrator in India; governor general of Bengal (1773–85). He implemented important reforms but was impeached by parliament (1788) on charges of corruption; acquitted in 1795


(ˈheɪ stɪŋz)

1. Warren, 1732–1818, first British governor general of India 1773–85.
2. a seaport in E Sussex, in SE England: William the Conqueror defeated the Saxons near here 1066. 74,600.
3. a city in S Nebraska. 23,045.
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Noun1.Hastings - United States architect who formed and important architectural firm with John Merven Carrere (1860-1929)
2.Hastings - a town in East Sussex just to the south of the place where the battle of Hastings took place
East Sussex - a county in southern England on the English Channel
3.Hastings - the decisive battle in which William the Conqueror (duke of Normandy) defeated the Saxons under Harold II (1066) and thus left England open for the Norman Conquest
Norman Conquest - the invasion and settlement of England by the Normans following the battle of Hastings (1066)
England - a division of the United Kingdom
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Professor Brian Bellhouse, 80, died despite efforts to revive him in a field in Guestling, near Hastings, East Sussex, on Monday morning.
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Billie-Jo, 13, was found in a pool of blood with head injuries inflicted by a metal tent peg on the patio of the family's home in Lower Park Road, Hastings, East Sussex, on February 15, 1997.
Children playing in Redgeland Wood in the Queensway area of St Leonards, near Hastings, East Sussex, found a human skull last October.
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