Hat block

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a block on which hats are formed or dressed.

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Stitch each hat block, face block and body block together; press open (2).
They say he drew out nails to make hat pins for his mother and also carved a hat block that is on display here," said Ms.
The shop-owner knew I was an engineer and designer and she asked me if I could make her a hat block, the wooden mould on which any new hat is created,' Guy explains.
The redesign minimized the use of closed office spaces hat block or are blocked from natural light.
He said: "Making hat blocks is a bit of a break from my norm but I enjoyed the making pieces that would be working objects rather than a piece of art that wouldn't be touched or used.
The heads formed from hat blocks as well as the encrusted blue gown worn by the Virgin Mary in The.
The exhibition mixed his own collection with pieces belonging to Tate, including photographs of Greta Garbo by CS Bull that he found in a Los Angeles antique store and a row of his sculptural wooden hat blocks.
A long row of his hat blocks is displayed in the centre of the gallery - like a menagerie of strange sea creatures washed up on the shore.
WHILE buying up supplies for her new hat shop, designer Marie Flanagan came across a collection of hat blocks and trimmings from the workshop of royal milliner Philip Somerville.
Meanwhile, a designer who makes wooden hat blocks has been awarded an MBE for services to the millinery industry.
There are about 20 of them--different types, but all eye-catching--ranged about the stage on hat blocks, plus more that come out of sample cases.
It is also used for hat blocks, piano keys, hams, toys, artificial limbs, clogs and shoe soles.