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 (hăt-shĕp′so͞ot′) also Hat·shep·set (-sĕt′) Died c. 1482 bc.
Queen of Egypt (1502-1482) who on the death of her husband, Thutmose II (c. 1504), became regent for her stepson Thutmose III. She bestowed the title of pharaoh on herself and adopted all the pharaonic customs, including the wearing of a false beard.
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(hætˈʃɛpsuːt) or


(Biography) queen of Egypt of the l8th dynasty (?1512–1482 bc). She built a great mortuary temple at Deir el Bahri near Thebes
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(hætˈʃɛp sut)

also Hat•shep•set


queen of Egypt c1503–c1482 b.c.
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The massacre happened at the temple of Queen Hatshepsut just as the first tour buses of the day were arriving.
The Egyptologist, and former Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs, stated in as statement after the end of the Belgium Royal Family visit to Egypt, "I accompanied the royal family throughout their visit to the most impressive archaeological sites, such as Aswan, Luxor, and Pyramids, in addition to Wadi El Melouk, the tomb of the King Ramesses VIII, and Thutmose II; the husband of the Pharaoh Hatshepsut and the king Ramesses III." Moreover, Hawass accompanied them in a touristic tour to see the tomb of Tutankhamun, Ramesses VI, and Seti I, as well as the western valley where the tomb of Amenhotep III and the King Ay locate.
Al-Adly served as interior minister at the time of Mubarak starting with the 1997 Luxor massacre -- where a number of extremist militants attacked a tourist bus in Hatshepsut's Deir Al Bahary Temple -- until the 25 January Revolution.
In this richly illustrated volume, he traces the threads between the discovery of Egypt's royal mummies (including those of Tutankhamun and Hatshepsut), their histories, and the science and religion behind the elaborate mummification process.
New Delhi, Feb 20 (ANI): Archaeologists in Egypt have uncovered a statue of a pharaoh and a bust of the famous woman pharaoh Hatshepsut in the southern city of Luxor.
Al-Jam Al-Islamiya was responsible for an armed attack at Hatshepsut's Temple in Luxor in 1997, killing 62 people.
The experienced archaeologist stated that Queen Hatshepsut died of cancer.
Iranian tourists visit the Temple of Hatshepsut in Luxor on June 3, 2013, during the second visit by Iranian tourists to Egypt in over thirty years.
From 1988 to 1990, and again in 1995 and 2002, Lajtar (archaeology, Warsaw U.-Cairo) documented reliefs and hieroglyphic inscriptions on the walls of the temple of Queen Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari, but he also discovered nearly 100 Greek inscriptions that had not been reported earlier, and made observations and corrections to many more that had been reported.
Temple of Hatshepsut via Wikimedia commons BEIJING - 14 September 2018: Egypt ranks first as the most visited tourist destination in Africa by Chinese tourists, according to the Chinese tourists network.
The youth delegations visited the three-floor Hatshepsut Museum and the Valley of the Kings that includes 63 tombs.
Every year, attendees come to watch the sunlight as it falls perfectly perpendicular on the sanctuary of AmunRa'a at the center of the temple; the sun rays then move towards the temple's gates to reach Hatshepsut's ancient temple.