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(ˈhæv ər fərd)

a township in SE Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia. 52,349.
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Haverford kept her original name after being acquired by White Star, which was very unusual.
Erik-Jan Bos, a philosophy scholar at Utrecht University in the Netherlands who is helping to edit a new edition of Descartes's correspondence, said that during a late-night session browsing the Internet he noticed a reference to Descartes in a description of the manuscript collection at Haverford College in Pennsylvania.
Paramedics were called to the Haverford west school at 2.05pm after reports that a teenage pupil had been stabbed in the leg.
PRESTATYN Town player-manager Neil Gibson is hoping his promoted side can shake-off their reputation as poor travellers by returning from Haverford west tonight with a win.
Feinberg earned a bachelor's degree in biology from Haverford College and a master's in instructional design from George Mason University.
There was also a 52-run win for Haverford west, who bowled Llangw mout for 94 in reply to 146 for eight.
LLANELLI aim to put their chase for trophies back on track when they take on Haverford west County in the Principality Welsh Premier League at Stebon heath Park tonight (Friday, 7.30pm).
The book takes readers through Chace's life in higher education, from the time he was an undergraduate at Haverford College (Pa.) to his graduate studies at UC, Berkeley, his teaching days at Stillman College (Ala.) and Stanford University (Calif.), and his presidencies at Wesleyan and Emory University (Ga.).
Taking French writer Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592) and English writer John Milton (1608-74) as case studies, Sedley (French and comparative literature, Haverford College) argues that the rise of the sublime as an aesthetic category and the emergence of skepticism as a philosophical problem are interrelated.
At Haverford, we introduce various events that emphasize the concept of family.
Gollub, a Haverford College physics professor, told the New York Times.
A recent Pew Fellow in poetry, she teaches creative writing at Haverford College.