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n., pl. -eyes.
a native or inhabitant of Iowa (used as a nickname).
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There are fashionable and well-attended watering-places at and near the spring where Hawkeye halted to drink, and roads traverse the forests where he and his friends were compelled to journey without even a path.
Hawkeye calls the Lac du Saint Sacrement, the "Horican.
About Publicis Hawkeye: Publicis Hawkeye is a full-service, integrated advertising agency based in Dallas and part of the Publicis Worldwide global network.
The Hawkeye drilling operations has been completed before the schedule and low budget has left Otto with a very strong balance sheet.
Nigel Hawkes, the founder of Hawkeye Traders explains: “After decades of active trading and trial and error - using many methods based on popular theorists and working with some of the most revered experts in trading - I resolved that conventional indicators were far too lagged for the volatility of today's electronic market.
Mac - famed for his verbal explosions on court - admitted: "Even I might have been better behaved if Hawkeye was around in my days.
Arguably there have been barrel examination devices of varying quality before the Hawkeye Precision Borescope came unto the market.
Having raced only once at two, Hawkeye showed steady improvement at three to notch up three victories, culminating in a win in the Group 3 Desmond Stakes.
In August 2007, the first Advanced Hawkeye flew on a date scheduled four years earlier.
Bruce Rastetter, CEO of Hawkeye Energy Holdings, today congratulated Valero for its winning bid to acquire VeraSun Energy Corporation at yesterday's asset auction.
The HawkEye PT Plus can be configured via a USB or Bluetooth interface.
Hawkeye Video Borescopes add the convenience, quality, and image capture capability of video technology, to professional visual inspection.