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 (hī′ək, -ĕk), Friedrich August von 1899-1992.
Austrian-born British economist and influential proponent of the free-market system. He shared a 1974 Nobel Prize for his work on business cycles.
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(Biography) Friedrich August von. 1899–1992, British economist and political philosopher, born in Austria: noted for his advocacy of free-market ideas; shared the Nobel prize for economics 1974
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(ˈhɑ yɛk)

Friedrich August von, 1899–1992, British economist, born in Austria: Nobel prize 1974.
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Noun1.Hayek - English economist (born in Austria) noted for work on the optimum allocation of resources (1899-1992)
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Hayek is often thought by foe and friend alike to have offered a plain and striking argument for capitalism: the least deviation from laissez-faire is the first falling domino that will inevitably lead to totalitarianism.
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Synopsis: Friedrich August von Hayek (8 May 1899-23 March 1992) was an Austrian-British economist and philosopher best known for his defense of classical liberalism.
Hayek's last book, The Fatal Conceit: The Errors of Socialism.
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The concrete thesis in Hayek's theory of the Ricardo Effect is that the business cycle's upper turning point is brought about by a decline of investment in fixed capital on the part of the consumer goods industries, a decline that starts during the upswing.
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