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Noun1.Haym Salomon - American financier and American Revolutionary War patriot who helped fund the army during the American Revolution (1740?-1785)
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It was a Jewish banker by the name of Haym Salomon who gave his personal fortune together with the big funds he raised through his shrewd business transactions buying and selling financial papers both in the European and American markets.
Board Member; Haym Salomon Center Board Member; Turning Point USA Advisory Board Member; The Heartland Institute Member; The Latin School of Chicago Annual Fundraising Co-Chair; Northwestern Prentice Women's Hospital/Friends of Prentice Board Member
When urgent funding was needed for the Continental Army in 1781, General George Washington turned to none other than a financial genius named Haym Salomon. Felix Zandman survived World War II as a teenager by living with three others in a pit for seventeen months, and then went on to graduate from the Sorbonne and found a company that was innovational in the world of electronics and communication.
It also contains material relating to Jews in the wars of the United States, correspondence of the Jews with George Washington, and items relating to Haym Salomon." The collection consists of manuscript materials and five notebooks along with three scrapbooks of Lyons'.
During the Revolution, Madison turned to Haym Salomon, a Polish-born financier who offered loans well below market rate to members of the Continental Congress.
She focuses on performances; anniversary and holiday celebrations; Jewish military service; textbooks for school children; and the effort to memorialize Haym Salomon, remembered as the financer of the American Revolution.
In eleven biographical essays, Professor Mapp paints rich portraits of the lives of the most famous founders (Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, Hamilton, Henry, and Marshall) and several of the not-so-famous founders (George Mason, Charles Carroll of Carrollton, and Haym Salomon).
Among those who remained in New York during the early days of the war was Haym Salomon. Born in Lezno, Poland, in 1740, he traveled widely in Europe, where he learned several languages and mastered the intricacies of trading in European currencies.
No heritage is complete without heroes, and Wenger closes the book by assessing the many faces of Haym Salomon remembrances.
Wenger describes how Jews tried literally to "sculpt" a Jewish-American culture hero in Haym Salomon, the financier who probably helped raise money for George Washington.