Haymarket Square

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Hay′market Square′

a square in Chicago: scene of a riot (Hay′market Ri`ot) in 1886 between police and labor unionists.
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The Haymarket Riot was characterised by a first-of-its-kind protest against excessive working hours, and other demands of the working class proletariat, as well as the killing of workers at the hands of policemen.
Not only were there divisions between craft unions and the umbrella organization, but the 1886 Chicago Haymarket riot caused public outrage against the Knights.
The Weathermen had transformed the monument into an almost comic symbol: Rather than representing the narrative of the Haymarket Riot, it became associated in local media coverage with a battle of wills between young people with dynamite and Chicago officialdom (Adelman, 1986, p.
He also defended anarchists accused of conspiracy with the bomber in the Haymarket riot.
Manjoo frets about this being an age of terrorism, even though America has been in the era of terrorism at least since the 1886 Chicago Haymarket Riot, when an anarchist bomb-thrower tossed a handmade dynamite bomb into a crowd of police trying to break up an anarchist demonstration.
In contrast, the city created an official view (which almost nobody ever believed) that the police essentially turned back an imminent revolution at the "Haymarket Riot."
But it was used instead to commemorate the dead of the Haymarket riot in Chicago, a holiday that then caught on in Europe while the New York City Labor Day became a US national holiday.