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(Historical Terms) obsolete Brit a parish officer in charge of enclosures and fences


(ˈheɪ wərd)

a city in central California, SE of Oakland. 121,631.
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They're going down on a special train to Haywards to parade.
You've a brother in San Leandro or Haywards, and he's in the milk business.
It was a merry party, and they had made a merry day of it, circling the bay from San Francisco around by San Jose and up to Oakland, having been thrice arrested for speeding, the third time, however, on the Haywards stretch, running away with their captor.
Beneath them stretched the flatlands to the bay, checkerboarded into fields and broken by the towns of Elmhurst, San Leandro, and Haywards.
Motorists are being advised to allow extra time for their journeys over State Highway 58 over Labour weekend, as work continues (weather permitting) on the tie-in between the existing road and the new Haywards Interchange.
Barbary, 29, of Crawley, got 12 years at Lewes crown court and Maynard, 30, of Haywards Heath, 16 years, two months.
INGREDIENTS 15g butter, plus a little extra for greasing; 1 tbsp olive oil; 20 Haywards Sweet Pickled Onions (sliced); 3 tbsp sugar; 2tbsp fresh thyme leaves (optional) plus sprigs to garnish; 320g sheet readymade puff pastry; 1 egg (beaten); 200g soft goat's cheese; black pepper; green salad, to serve METHOD 1.
Police who broke into the family home in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, found Mann naked and soaked in blood.
Rose, chair and CEO, the company acquired London-based Haywards LLP and opened Avison Young's first European offices in London and Thames Valley in the United Kingdom.
The last confirmed sighting of Chloe was of her getting into a black car at Haywards Heath railway station in West Sussex, at 2.
For example he has pulled on the shirt of Tynedale and Haywards Heath in England, Lomas Athletic in Argentina, and Oloron in France as well as his two big Premier clubs Worcester Warriors and Newcastle Falcons.
According to The Daily Star, Michael O'Brien, 23, of Haywards Heath, West Sussex expressed that everyone should get this type of training at school.