Head and shoulders

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By force; violently; as, to drag one, head and shoulders.
By the height of the head and shoulders; hence, by a great degree or space; by far; much; as, he is head and shoulders above them.
- Felton.

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There is an active small bullish inverted head and shoulders pattern that became active when price crossed above $163.
4 -- For technical analysts, when the head and shoulders pattern emerges on a given chart, you can almost sense the excitement in the air.
com/technical-updates/audusd-fights-back-and-invalidates-the-head-and-shoulders-pattern/) AUD/USD Fights Back and Invalidates Head and Shoulders Pattern (9/21)
An inverse Head and Shoulders pattern is a reversal pattern and for the pattern to be reliable, it should occur in a downtrend.
A daily Head and Shoulders pattern adds to the bearish tone with a measuring target of 115.
Summary: New Zealand Dollar Short Head and Shoulders Pattern -EURUSD resistance at 1.