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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: chief - the head of a fire department
fire fighter, fire-eater, firefighter, fireman - a member of a fire department who tries to extinguish fires
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But Morgan was the main attraction, the conspicuous per- sonality here; she was head chief of this household, that was plain.
He became the slave of old Fanfoa, head chief over a score of scattered bush-villages on the range-lips of Malaita, the smoke of which, on calm mornings, is about the only evidence the seafaring white men have of the teeming interior population.
According to Mabolo Police Station head Chief Insp.
They monitored Nordan for three days before conducting the sting, according to NCRPO-DEU head Chief Inspector Joey Aranja.
Sultan Kudarat Field Office head Chief Labor and Employment Officer Arlene Bisnon has assigned a personnel that will man the satellite office.
Boula said the gunmen ran to neighboring Nelo village as the police and the army were pursuing them, adding "The gunmen opened fire on a village and a killed Nelo head chief.
Besides Secretary Health Jawad Rafique Malik, elected public representatives, VC King Edward Medical University, Principals of medical colleges, professors, health experts, Head Chief Minister Health Roadmap Programme Aizaz Akhtar, District Coordination Officers and other senior officers attended the meeting.
Aizaz Akhtar Head Chief Minister Health Roadmap Programme is coordinating primary healthcare group.
According to head chief of the regional department of social protection Shodmon Giesov, the landslide occurred on the territory of Bedak village of Rashta district as a result of torrential rains.
There sat Duck Chief as head of the Reserve; Paul Little Walker Pukapinny, acting head chief on the west end; Tom Turned-Up-Nose, One-Gun, Linden Many-Bears, Pier Fox, White Headed Chief, Heavy Shields, and others.
The Sprint produced yet another cigarette-paper finish with Paul Slater's Kickupyourheels, winner of two legs of the 2012 Track Championship, getting up on the line to shorthead Head Chief in 15.
In a radio interview, Cordillera regional police head Chief Supt Benjamin Magalong said the explosion was an isolated incident and people should not be alarmed.