Head fast

(Naut.) See 5th Fast.

See also: Head

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Booze goes to your head fast in the heat, dehydrating you three times quicker and hastening sunburn.
He likes to go on swings at the park and shakes his head fast until he gets dizzy.
Adil Amin Kazi, Head FAST School of Management (FSM) appreciated the initiative taken by FSM and Media Development Trust in pursuit of bridging industry-academia relationship, terming the handshake as a milestone in achieving the ultimate goal of creating, promoting & enhancing critical body of knowledge by developing analytic skill-set among scholars through research in Business and Management Sciences discipline.
TV cameras followed the Israeli leader positioning himself, several times, in his Syrian neighbour's line of sight or even in his path, only for Assad to turn away quickly and, at one point, bury his head fast into his Blackberry thumbing its keyboard nervously to the background of television journalists conducting their football match like live commentary.
But this was nothing compared with the problem of May 9, 1938, when `a boy got his head fast in the lavatory doora'
Pair this head and carrier with the Verifier G2 Digital Locator and "Probe" transmitter to find your head fast with minimal downtime.
If I didn't grab the head fast, the convict would often retract his head into his shoulders, on account of the fact that the lunette originally had a diameter larger than the average human neck.
Seconds later he was down again but he cleared his head fast and finished the count on one knee.