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1. The custom of cutting off and preserving the heads of enemies as trophies.
2. Slang The process of attempting to remove influence and power from enemies, especially political enemies.
3. Informal
a. The business of recruiting personnel, especially executive personnel, as for a corporation.
b. The act or an instance of such recruiting.


(ˈhɛdˌhʌn tɪŋ)

1. (among certain tribal peoples) the practice of hunting down and decapitating victims and preserving their heads as trophies.
2. the search, esp. by professional recruiters, for executives to fill high-level positions.
3. the act or practice of trying to destroy the power, position, or influence of one's competitors or foes.
head′hunt`er, n.


A. N (lit) → caza f de cabezas (fig) → caza f de talentos
B. CPD headhunting agency Nagencia f de caza de talentos


[ˈhɛdhʌntɪŋ] nrecrutement m de cadres, chasse f aux cadresheadhunting firm ncabinet m de recrutement
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Hired Knives, the Detroit based food and beverage job site and mobile app, has attracted close to 7,000 job seekers and 950 restaurants and other food and beverage businesses since it launched in late 2015, and is now expanding its services to include temporary staffing, Hired Knives OnDemand, and a head hunting service, Hired Knives Select.
The services provided are Network Planning, Network Implementation, Radio Frequency Engineering Services, CORE Planning, Consulting, Staff augmentation and Head Hunting and ongoing support/maintenance services.
28, 2012 (CENS) -- Head hunting campaigns initiated by foreign rivals have begun in Taiwan's notebook PC industry, as China's Lienpal Hefei Ltd.
com)-- Sapta Global Inc, announced today that it has acquired Unnati Consultancy Services(UCS), a specialized service provider of head hunting and recruitment services for Logistics and Facilities Management.
A leading City head hunting firm has also been hired to oversee the appointment process, according to reports.
As well as head hunting and placing professionals for our clients, we are seeking to add new consultants to boost our operation and cover new accounts
Hexham based head hunting firm, Matthew Reed Consulting, was launched in December 2004 by Matt Cawood.
JI: But now you're zeroing in on head hunting -- with the restructuring boom that is going on?
Humana International first entered the head hunting field - the polite term is 'executive search and recruitment services' - back in 1994.
Neither the Nage of central Flores nor the Rembong of Manggarai in western Flores have a tradition of head hunting or of human sacrifice (Forth 1991: 262-263, Erb 1991: 119).