orthostatic hypotension

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Noun1.orthostatic hypotension - low blood pressure occurring in some people when they stand up
hypotension - abnormally low blood pressure
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It is hard to focus on the world outside after a head rush like that but here goes.
My earpiece popped out, Rio Ferdinand halfpunched me and I did have a head rush as well.
In the exultant head rush that is "Digi Digi" he promises a girl how he will take her shopping in Bangkok among other things.
* Head On Complete Care Hair Regrowth System--like Head Start, this three-step kit is designed to address active hair loss and promote hair regrowth but includes Head Rush Hair & Scalp Supplements, in addition to Clear Head Anti-Thinning 2-in-l Shampoo + Conditioner and Hair Regrowth Treatment For Men Extra Strength 5% Minoxidil Topical Solution.
Its been a rough year for the pashas of Popland (Taylor, Katy, Miley, Sam, Ed), all of whom surely wish they sounded one-tenth as alive as Lorde does during this four-minute head rush.
It was a head rush to have my photo taken with British chemist Sir Martyn Poliakoff (my students love him!) and to sit a bun's throw away from Nobel Laureate John Polanyi.
The giddy head rush of an imperiously delivered No Surface All Feeling brought the curtain crashing down on the first half.
The chemicals are sniffed to gain a brief 'head rush' and are used to facilitate sex between gay men.
For those of you that don't know what it does, when it's sniffed for a brief moment, it gives you a head rush, which gives you a buzz when dancing in clubs.
But it can be also used alone for a "head rush of sparkle."
The head rush I experience during t| inverted yogi pose is quite controlled and relaxed - this posture is said to help stimulate therelease of brain neurotransmitters.