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 (hĕd′səl, -sāl′)
n. Nautical
A sail, such as a jib, set forward of a foremast.


(ˈhɛdˌseɪl; ˈhɛdsəl)
(Nautical Terms) any sail set forward of the foremast


(ˈhɛdˌseɪl; Naut. -səl)

any of various jibs or staysails set forward of the foremost mast of a vessel.
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Noun1.headsail - any sail set forward of the foremast of a vessel
sail, canvass, canvas, sheet - a large piece of fabric (usually canvas fabric) by means of which wind is used to propel a sailing vessel
spinnaker - a large and usually triangular headsail; carried by a yacht as a headsail when running before the wind
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He recovered from a slow start to head Sail With Sultana inside the final furlong but the 16-1 winner rallied to defy 42.
Sidney Gavignet will skipper the Oman Sail M34 for its first outing this season and will call tactics, while fellow Frenchman Damien Iehl will helm, Shane Hughes (IRL) will trim the mainsail, Gilles Favennec (FRA) will be on head sail duty, Mohammed Al Mujaini (OMA) will run the pit, Sebastien Rogues (FRA) will trim the spinnaker and Thomas Ruyant (FRA) will do bow.
"Our goal is to finish in the top 20, and hopefully, we can revise that upwards during the week," said the pair's coach Andrew Walsh, who has also sailed as head sail trimmer for Oman Sail's invitational team -- the Team Duqm Oman Extreme 40 crew -- last February in Muscat.