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n.1.A member of any tribe or race of savages who have the custom of decapitating human beings and preserving their heads as trophies. The Dyaks of Borneo are the most noted head-hunters.
2.A person whose profession is to find executives to fill open positions in corporations; an executive personnel recruiter; also, a company that performs a similar service.
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He had taken part in an expedition against the head-hunters of Borneo and had known Samoa when it was still an independent state.
Or, better yet, 'Gold-Hunting Among the Head-Hunters.
They were from an island of cannibals and head-hunters, and they never cried out.
Theirs was the spirit which upheld Darwin among the gauchos of the Argentine or Wallace among the head-hunters of Malaya.
There was a boy who, he said, and none doubted, had helped his father to beat off with rifles from the veranda a rush of Akas in the days when those head-hunters were bold against lonely plantations.
Fundamentally doubtful, the plausibility of the organ-stealing head-hunter in each place is bolstered by accounts from elsewhere.
Clare worked as an international head-hunter for almost a decade before returning to the North-east in 2007.
HEAD-HUNTER Jamie (Mila Kunis) persuades art director Dylan (Justin Timberlake, both right) to take a job at a New York magazine, and in the process strikes up a friendship with him in Friends with Benefits (Channel 4, 9pm, tonight) Eventually, the pals end up in bed together, but the relationship cynics vow to keep the arrangement strictly physical.
Inside the head of a head-hunter: In today's cut-throat job market, working effectively with a head-hunter could prove critical in securing your next senior finance role.
So we put in the prospectus that we're going to find a head-hunter to try and find someone.
Will Dana Washburn, who has been earning about $200,000 a year from her job as an executive head-hunter for the Cameron Smith & Associates firm in Rogers, ever start paying restitution?
And he reckons Five's merciless head-hunter Sam Landers is even WORSE than the "Queen of Mean" Anne Robinson.