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a. Formed without a head.
b. Decapitated.
2. Lacking a leader or director.
3. Lacking intelligence and prudence; stupid or foolish.

head′less·ness n.


1. without a head
2. without a leader
3. foolish or stupid
4. (Poetry) prosody another word for catalectic
ˈheadlessness n


(ˈhɛd lɪs)

1. lacking a head.
2. beheaded.
3. having no leader or chief.
4. foolish; stupid.
[before 1000]
head′less•ness, n.
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Adj.1.headless - not having a head or formed without a head ; "the headless horseman"; "brads are headless nails"
headed - having a head of a specified kind or anything that serves as a head; often used in combination; "headed bolts"; "three-headed Cerberus"; "a cool-headed fighter pilot"
2.headless - not using intelligence
unintelligent, stupid - lacking intelligence; "a dull job with lazy and unintelligent co-workers"


[ˈhedlɪs] ADJ (lit) [body] → sin cabeza; (= leaderless) → acéfalo
to run around like a headless chicken (Brit) → ir dando palos de ciego, ir de acá para allá sin saber qué hacer


[ˈhɛdləs] adj [person, animal] → sans têtehead lice nplpoux mpl
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It showed substantially the same serried interior; the hall had grown darker, though it was still struck here and there with the last crimson shafts of sunset, and one or two of the headless machines had been moved from their places for this or that purpose, and stood here and there about the twilit place.