Heads or tails

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fej vagy írás
kop of munt
hlava alebo orol
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The unknown outcomes are whether the coin will come up heads or tails. The known odds are 50:50 heads versus tails.
Dexter's ratio of heads to tails listing of all possible outcomes (3H and 0T, 2H and 1T, 1H and 2T, and 0H and 3T) was accompanied by: the length of a run listing (run of length 1, run of length 2, and run of length 3), the number of switches listing (0 switches, 1 switch, 2 switches), the heads or tails first listing (heads on the first flip, tails on the first flip), and others.
Washington, August 6 (ANI): A new research has claimed that in a deadly game of heads or tails, venomous sea snakes in the Pacific and Indian Oceans deceive their predators into believing they have two heads, when in fact, their second head is actually their tail.