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n.1.The afterbirth or secundines of a beast.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Taking the above fact in to consideration the heam interface of peptide was checked with extremely elevated concentration (2-16 [g/ml).
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Lumefantrine, an aryl-amino alcohol, prevents detoxification of heam, resulting in parasite death from the toxic heam and free radicals [17, 18].
[5.] Chen CC, Pearson AM, Gray JL, Foolad MH and P Ku Some factors Influencing the non heam iron content of meat and its implication in oxidation.
The percentage of those who underachieve in educational outcomes remains much higher for children from low-income families compared with those who are not from low-income families (Heam, 1991; Morgan, 1996; Rouse & Barrow, 2006; Sewell & Hauser, 1972).
If those at a distance disappeared in the vastness of the white cube, those that were closer seemed just as ephemeral--adjectives such as HEAM, ESS, CHOICELESS, PASTLESS, and so on, conjuring absence, including that of the nouns they might modify.
In the present study, we used anesthetized rats to assess the hypotensive effect of a hydroethanolic extract (HEAM), and its dichloromethane (DCM), ethyl acetate (EA), butanolic (BT), and dichloromethane-2 (DCM-2) fractions, besides the flavonoid artemetin, isolated from A.
Convolvulaceae Berati phool 35 Kalanchoe pinnata Crassulaceae Heam kancha (Lam.) Pers.
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The total amount of heam pigments of the Longissimus dorsi muscle (10.96 mg [g.sup.-1] of myoglobin, TABLE I) was high when compared with other beef presenting the same fat/protein ratio, for example in yearling animals of Pirenaica breed (4.17 mg [g.sup.-1] myoglobin) [29].
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