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 (hē′nē), Seamus Justin 1939-2013.
Irish poet whose works, which reflect his homeland's landscape, culture, and political crises, include the collections Wintering Out (1972) and Field Work (1979) as well as a translation of Beowulf (1999). He won the 1995 Nobel Prize for literature.


(Biography) Seamus (Justin) (ˈʃeɪməs). 1939–2013, Irish poet and critic, born in Northern Ireland. His collections include Death of a Naturalist (1966), North (1975), The Haw Lantern (1987), The Spirit Level (1996), District and Circle (2006), and Human Chain (2010). Nobel prize for literature 1995


(ˈheɪ ni)
Seamus, born 1939, Irish poet: Nobel prize 1995.
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Although one wishes for the greater fullness of a "complete poems," thinking with fondness of some poems not included here, this collection nevertheless satisfies and serves to concentrate the muscular poetic force of Heaney.
What is striking for me is that Heaney and McGahern were both boys from a small country place, and even if McGahern was estranged from it early in his career, later he came closer to Heaney in his rooting of imagination in an intimately local world and in the "universal" experience that could be observed there.
Heaney and his wife, Sally of Sturbridge and Beth R.
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