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Individuals: 1 D Lane (Kenilworth) 71/2 wins from 8 matches, 2 L Pett (The Warwickshire) 6/7, 3 N Gardner (Stoneleigh) 51/2/7, 4 W Smith (Stoneleigh) 5/6, 5= R Barker (Coventry), P Burns (Hearsall), P Clarke (Hearsal) and T Charley (Stoneleigh) 5/7, 9 C Morrow (Oakridge) 5/8.
The channel is in 24-hour re- hearsal mode, with its 400-odd staff, including 16 presenters, broadcasting 'as live', drawing upon the station's network of 12 bureaux as well as its offices in London and Washington to provide what it promises will be "a new horizon" for news re- porting across the Arab world.
target Kieron Kolaski In the hearsal Final beat San The shared Sam Houlds Rhys Bailey Arri track with lice in Steve Steve Arriva Trains got back on kafter the morning'sdefeat, a 3-2 win over Cardiff Poin the Second Division.
On Saturday, September 27, Santa Anita stages a near dressre hearsal for the Breeders' Cup, with six Grade 1s on a single card - but any resumption of live coverage for enthusiasts in Britain and Ireland looks a longshot.
The rabbis who offer this interpretation, reading retrospectively from Jacob's successful identity masquerade vis a vis his brother, find strong support for their point that Sarah has good reason for concern that the re hearsal that she catches might ultimately lead to a performance which could threaten her son's position as inheritor.
* EARLSDON FESTIVAL takes place on Monday 11am-5pm on Hearsal Common.
COVENTRY HEARSAL British Legion Medal: Division 1- Lee Hughes 39pts, H.
MAXIMUMS from Ashley Pointer and Joe McLaughlin lead Coventry to an easy 110-68 British League victory over Birmingham at Hearsal Common last Sunday.
While Blyth Music & Theatre Company's re hearsals are well under way ahead of the opening night on March 9 at the town's Phoenix Theatre, there is still a part unfilled for Bill Sykes' pet.
"So I worked on The Coral's first album, and James (singer James Skelly) had this mate, Dave, who used to come to watch re hearsals.