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Noun1.artificial pacemaker - an implanted electronic device that takes over the function of the natural cardiac pacemakerartificial pacemaker - an implanted electronic device that takes over the function of the natural cardiac pacemaker
electronic device - a device that accomplishes its purpose electronically
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'For example, products that went viral online and shown on TV last year, large gantry milling machine 'Taurus' and coin-size heart pacemaker have all entered the Chinese market, which shows that agreements are implemented effectively,' said Ren Hongbin, China's Assistant Commerce Minister and deputy head of the CIIE Organizing Committee Office.
1958: Dr Ake Senning implanted the first internal heart pacemaker, in Stockholm.
In a statement online the Ministry of Health said, "The National Centre for Cardiac Surgery at the Royal Hospital used a heart pacemaker called the 'leadless pacemaker' for the first time in Oman."
"His sphere of influence spanned across New Orleans, generations of Ochsner physicians and colleagues and the international medical community."<br />Ochsner devoted almost 60 years of his life to health care in New Orleans and served in numerous community and civic organizations, according to the news release.<br />He performed the first heart transplant in the Gulf South region in 1970 and justfour years laterimplanted a heart pacemaker in the youngest patient ever, the news release reads.<br />He helped initiate valve and coronary surgery, performed over 12,000 surgeries and authored more than 300 medical publications.<br />To sign up for free CityBusiness Daily Updates, click here.
The implantable heart pacemaker, a triumph of engineering, has been helping keep alive millions of individuals since the first fully implantable pacemaker was given to a patient in 1958 at the Karolinska Institute in Solna, Sweden.
New York engineer Wilson Greatbatch invented the world's first implantable heart pacemaker - but he didn't mean to.
At Spire Leeds Hospital I had an Enterra device, like a heart pacemaker, fitted which eased nausea and vomiting.
"I strongly believe I have the right to decide if I want it off NINA ADAMOWICZ ON HER HEART PACEMAKER
THE lifesaving heart pacemaker - first used in Birmingham 56 years ago - has been celebrated as the city's most important invention.
She did not reveal details, but it has been known the artist had been fitted with a heart pacemaker for several years now.
Sheikh Sabah, who in February 2000 underwent heart pacemaker surgery, had also travelled to New York last September for medical tests.