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When she was gone the old heartbreaker muttered, rubbing his hands--
For the fact that it was this said thirty-first cousin, Mr d'Urberville, who had fallen in love with her, a gentleman not altogether local, whose reputation as a reckless gallant and heartbreaker was beginning to spread beyond the immediate boundaries of Trantridge, lent Tess's supposed position, by its fearsomeness, a far higher fascination that it would have exercised if unhazardous.
The New York punk legend cut his teeth as Johnny Thunders' right-hand man in The Heartbreakers, so his set was understandably heavily weighted in favour of his old band.
After living in rock 'n' roll's fast lane with The Heartbreakers and his own band The Waldo's, Lure left that lifestyle behind for the more sedate world of Wall Street.
He formed a band in his hometown in the early Seventies called Mudcrutch, before moving to Los Angeles to put together Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.
Heartbreakers is a new club night to shake off those midweek blues.
Tom Petty Radio" will give SiriusXM listeners 24/7 access to music from throughout Tom Petty's career including his music with his longtime band The Heartbreakers and his solo work, as well as The Traveling Wilburys and his first band, Mudcrutch.
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Mojo HEARTBREAKER, Traveling Wilbury and solo artist Tom Petty is the uncrowned king of new wave, rock, psychedelia and Americana.
US: US police have recovered five stolen guitars belonging to Tom Petty and Heartbreakers, they said Tuesday, earning thanks from the US rock veteran on the eve of his latest tour.
SUBHASH K JHA IANS ACTOR R Madhavan is not amused by the plagiarism charges levelled against his new Hindi film Jodi Breakers by the Indian distributors of the Belgian film Heartbreakers.
But who knew the 59-year-old Rock and Roll Hall of Famer could convincingly channel the blues and his Heartbreakers were closet "bluesbreakers"?
Other notable projects include two more Alien movies, the Ghostbusters films, Copycat, Galaxy Quest, The Ice Storm and Heartbreakers.