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n.1.Earnestness; sincerity; heartiness.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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But I can say this for her: in love for her friends and in high-mindedness and good- heartedness she has not many equals, and in my opinion no superiors.
I hope the Lord -- I KNOW the Lord will forgive him, because it was such good- heartedness in him to tell it.
And there he stood, looking a little upward, with one hand thrust into the breast of his coat, and the other playing with his old-fashioned gold watch-chain: his head thrown a little on one side, and his hat a little more on one side than his head, (but that was evidently accident; not his ordinary way of wearing it,) with such a pleasant smile playing about his mouth, and such a comical expression of mingled slyness, simplicity, kind- heartedness, and good-humour, lighting up his jolly old face, that Nicholas would have been content to have stood there and looked at him until evening, and to have forgotten, meanwhile, that there was such a thing as a soured mind or a crabbed countenance to be met with in the whole wide world.
He was alive to the compliment to his acknowledged good looks, conveyed in this speech, but he was not able to appreciate the single- heartedness that prompted it.
Also, due to the rainy season, the weather has brought itself and cold coldness spread across the land, bringing with it the worst epidemic in life that has no cure, and this is broken heartedness. You, see due to the coldness of the season, akupas and apuskelekes are very wild.
I believe that, as an African community, we have a responsibility to invoke the spirit of Ubuntu that we carry each other's burdens by showing our warm heartedness in the face of a refugee's struggle," she said.
Rachel's Challenge, according to Wikipedia, is an organization that was formed by her parents -- Darrell and Sandy Scott -- in the aftermath of the tragedy in an effort to reduce violence as a lasting legacy to their daughter and her kind heartedness.
'If the government showed broad heartedness they would have called opposition into assembly and let them present their concerns.'
Shannon's servant heartedness and humility, combined with her honourable purpose encapsulates our core values and deserves recognition.
This Christmas, there will be hundreds, if not thousands, of needy and homeless families who benefit from their warm heartedness.
It was the large- heartedness of Mulayam that he tolerated him for so long." Narad Rai, SP leader and former minister in the Mulayam government, said: " He was in the SP till he could manipulate his position.
"The last couple of films I've done (were) very dark dramas, not light heartedness."