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n. pl. hea·thens or heathen
1. Offensive
a. An adherent of a religion that does not worship the God of Judaism, Christianity, or Islam.
b. Such persons considered as a group.
2. Heathen An adherent of a Neopagan religion that seeks to revive the religious beliefs and practices of the ancient Germanic peoples.
3. Informal
a. One who is regarded as irreligious, uncivilized, or unenlightened.
b. Such persons considered as a group.

[Middle English hethen, from Old English hǣthen; see kaito- in Indo-European roots.]

hea′then adj.
hea′then·dom, hea′then·ism, hea′then·ry n.
hea′then·ish adj.
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 the heathens of the world, collectively, 1577; heathendom, 1860; heathenesse, 1205.
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Even the square stone tower of the church looked northern to the point of heathenry, as if it were some barbaric tower among the sea rocks of Iceland.
The book begins with a chapter explaining and defining American Heathenry and then moves on to more specific issues.
Despite my misgivings about Heathenry--the vocal insistence of many of its followers that their deities were real in a way that the Wiccan God and Goddess weren't, and the much darker association of Heathenry with racism and white power movements--I found myself desperate to learn more about it.