Heating surface

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(Steam Boilers) the aggregate surface exposed to fire or to the heated products of combustion, esp. of all the plates or sheets that are exposed to water on their opposite surfaces; - called also fire surface.

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The experimental tests of refrigerant R141b boiling conduced on the heating surface covered with copper, aluminium, brass and stainless steel mesh structures, analysed in (Franco et al.
As far as we are concern, there are no studies on heating surface covered by grass at an open space.
The experimental results indicate that the nucleate pool boiling heat transfer coefficients on copper foam covers are larger than those on a plain heating surface by a maximum of 450%; the presence of oil deteriorates the nucleate pool boiling heat transfer on copper foam covers by a maximum of 90%.
Even at very hot and alkaline conditions, the precipitate on the heating surface can become thinner, less compact and easier to remove (6), (20).
Brush oil on the heating surface,heat until it begins to smoke then wipe out extra fat and leave to cool.
This may be attributed to the fact that at SPL lower than 130 dB, the packets do not get sufficient momentum to carry the heat from the heating surface.
The induction coil can be shaped to match the contours of the cavity, and the nature of induction heating--it is effective mainly for heating surface layers as the electromagnetic wave decays as it penetrates the conductor--suits it particularly to cavity surface heating.
Variety of emitter surfaces available, which include ceramic, fiberglass, glass, or stainless-steel grids to provide uniform heating surface.
4) is that it uses two constant heat input transient-state experiments from a single location to measure the specimen thermal conductivity normal to the flat heating surface, and that parallel to the heating surface.
Depending on the type of boiler and its construction, this can vary from 6-8 square feet of heating surface per hp (for a plain cylindrical boiler) to 10-12 for a water tube boiler to as much as 20 for a vertical boiler.
If the boiler is natural draft, excess air could cool down the heating surface, keeping fuel from combusting properly.

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