Heavenly City

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Noun1.Heavenly City - phrases used to refer to HeavenHeavenly City - phrases used to refer to Heaven; "the Celestial City was Christian's goal in Bunyan's `Pilgrim's Progress'"
Heaven - the abode of God and the angels
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The old testamentary elements are transformed (Babylon is now an oppressive and opulent empire) and enriched (Jerusalem is presented with new attributes: the heavenly city, the bride, etc.).
Following his critique of the Roman religious, political, and intellectual tradition in Books 1-10, Books 11-22 set out his great vision of the origins, the histories, and the ultimate destinies of the two cities: the earthly city, rooted in love of self as expressed in the pride and lust for domination that shatter human society, and the heavenly city, rooted in love of God as expressed in the humility and yearning for the supreme good that unite humanity in a just social order.
Its biblical and historical roots; its complex symbolic and literary meaning for Jews, Christians, and Muslims; and its present-day tensions are composed by Amos into a complex mosaic that may yet, in some lights, yield a vision of the heavenly city.
This heavenly city, then, while it sojourns on earth, calls citizens out of all nations, and gathers together a society of pilgrims of all languages, not scrupling about diversities in the manners, laws, and institutions whereby earthly peace is secured and maintained, but recognizing that, however various these are, they all tend to one and the same end of earthly peace.
Alan Vincent and Che' Ahn introduces the importance of prayer and spiritual warfare in an allegory for occupying the gates of the heavenly city and the 7 mountain mandate.
The very old and the very young, safe together, is a glimpse of the heavenly city God is building.
With God's own glory to illumine it, the holy, heavenly city is open to all without distinction.
The church promoted a competing conception of Neapolitan citizenship as membership in the Heavenly City of the New Jerusalem.
As I later came to realize, the act of murder and the heavenly city he glimpses during it cut Rojack loose from societal strictures and self-destructive habits and send him on a pilgrimage to his own heavenly city: a true American dream of the existential freedom to define himself.
A Christian allegory, it tells the story of Christian and his companions as they embark on a journey to reach the Heavenly City. But on the way the group face dangers, temptations, trials and challenges.
Everyone wants to leave Cuba for the fabled and heavenly city of Miami, but no one knows exactly why.