punching bag

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punch·ing bag

1. A stuffed or inflated bag made of leather or other durable material that is either mounted on a stand or suspended at a height suitable for being punched or kicked for practice or exercise.
2. A target of frequent criticism or abuse: "He ... became a punching bag for every comic's fat jokes" (Vanity Fair).
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punch′ing bag`

an inflated or stuffed bag, usu. suspended, punched with the fists as an exercise.
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Noun1.punching bag - a person on whom another person vents their angerpunching bag - a person on whom another person vents their anger; "he resigned because his boss used him as a punching bag"
victim - an unfortunate person who suffers from some adverse circumstance
2.punching bag - an inflated ball or bag that is suspended and punched for training in boxingpunching bag - an inflated ball or bag that is suspended and punched for training in boxing
ball - round object that is hit or thrown or kicked in games; "the ball travelled 90 mph on his serve"; "the mayor threw out the first ball"; "the ball rolled into the corner pocket"
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The shepherd's dog barked fiercely when one of these alien-looking men appeared on the upland, dark against the early winter sunset; for what dog likes a figure bent under a heavy bag?--and these pale men rarely stirred abroad without that mysterious burden.
This view of Marner's personality was not without another ground than his pale face and unexampled eyes; for Jem Rodney, the mole-catcher, averred that one evening as he was returning homeward, he saw Silas Marner leaning against a stile with a heavy bag on his back, instead of resting the bag on the stile as a man in his senses would have done; and that, on coming up to him, he saw that Marner's eyes were set like a dead man's, and he spoke to him, and shook him, and his limbs were stiff, and his hands clutched the bag as if they'd been made of iron; but just as he had made up his mind that the weaver was dead, he came all right again, like, as you might say, in the winking of an eye, and said "Good-night", and walked off.
The heavy bag of corn would be thrown across the back of the horse, and the corn divided about evenly on each side; but in some way, almost without exception, on these trips, the corn would so shift as to become unbalanced and would fall off the horse, and often I would fall with it.
And they would run along, carrying heavy bags, and fight round the door to get in first.
Pacquiao, Thurman show off work on heavy bag !-- -- Luisa Morales (Philstar.com) - May 29, 2019 - 11:15am MANILA, Philippines Manny Pacquiao and Keith Thurman Jr.
Dr Zubair said suggestions for measures schools could take to reduce heavy bag loads and ease back problems include making more school storage available to avoid having to carry heavy textbooks to and from home every day, more emailed homework tasks or more supportive classroom furniture.
Matthysse hit the heavy bag on Tuesday during a closed-door training at a makeshift gym along the hotel driveway.
To fling the heavy bag with your hands and arms, you will automatically keep your arms pressed against your chest.
The next adventure was a ten mile walk along the Pennine Way with a heavy bag that had all their supplies for the next two days.
When a human body is carrying a heavy bag, pressure forms on the neck, shoulder, and spine, resulting in tiredness and potential damages to the muscles.
His spine was curved and the heavy bag was causing him the pain," she said.