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Noun1.manual labour - labor done with the handsmanual labour - labor done with the hands    
toil, labor, labour - productive work (especially physical work done for wages); "his labor did not require a great deal of skill"
application, coating, covering - the work of applying something; "the doctor prescribed a topical application of iodine"; "a complete bleach requires several applications"; "the surface was ready for a coating of paint";
bodywork - the work of making or repairing vehicle bodies
handling - manual (or mechanical) carrying or moving or delivering or working with something
picking - the act of picking (crops or fruit or hops etc.)
planking - the work of covering an area with planks
wiring - the work of installing the wires for an electrical system or device
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The remaining people have jobs that mostly involve heavy labour or are physically demanding, such as heavy construction work, loading and digging.
The agriculture sector of the country consumes 80 percent of the limited natural resource whereas the rural women have to bear the brunt of heavy labour during the process to manage water for their survival which I hope will be helped out in policy making,' she opined.
Hughes, whose job away from football involves heavy labour working with concrete, has been touched by the generosity shown since Burton's plea for help was posted on social media.
'The Ministry of Labour has inspected enterprises and institutions to check working conditions of young workers and to prevent child labour, taking firm action against any enterprises and institutions that have violated the law, and also removing 240 children from heavy labour,' including from brick factories, Chou Bun Eng, permanent vice chair of the NCCT, said at the body's annual meeting at the Ministry of Interior on Tuesday.
Calling upon businesspeopleto support workers, Al-Sisi added that the state pays special attention to the heavy labour sectors, especially the textile industry.
Heat stress is more likely to restrict low-paid and low-skill jobs, such as heavy labour, farming, and manufacturing.
And we don't do anything like heavy labour in the show.
He grinned: "They said if I was a builder I'd be fine, and we don't do any heavy labour in the show."
"Family poverty and a high birth rate have led to large numbers of children begging and doing heavy labour," he said.
Hundreds, and, eventually, thousands of working men bore the burden of long days of often heavy labour, undertaken in unpleasant conditions which were often dangerous, all in frequently-crowded work places.
Speaking to Gulf News yesterday from a maternity ward with his wife beside him in heavy labour, Fee, 34, originally from London, quashed all claims that those in the health care profession would ever hold him back again.