Hebei province

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Noun1.Hebei province - a populous province in northeastern China
Cathay, China, Communist China, mainland China, People's Republic of China, PRC, Red China - a communist nation that covers a vast territory in eastern Asia; the most populous country in the world
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Lucky chairman Chen Liang-chuan noted Taiwan's cement industry won't turn around in the near future, so his company will focus on setting up a cement plant in Handan of Hebei province, China, which will be launched sometime in 2011.
China Mobile Hebei is a regional company of mobile operator China Mobile and is the largest operator in Hebei province with 35m subscribers.
The official Xinhua News Agency said two girls and a boy from the Longfeng Primary School in Mingguan Town, Hebei province, died on Wednesday evening after the dining hall caved in as they were eating at around 6pm.
ABI also announced plans to spend $40 million to complete the first phase of a new brewery in the Hebei Province of China.
The men, who ran a milk collection centre in Hebei province, are accused of using melamine, a chemical used in plastics, to pass quality tests after water was added to increase the milk's volume.
The blast, in which another five people were injured, happened Sunday in a tunnel at an iron mine in Wu'an in Hebei Province, according to Xinhua News Agency.
The girls were born prematurely on March 15 without breastbones and with their livers, hearts and much of their breast and abdomen connected, Li Yanmin, director of the paediatric department at the First Hospital of Hebei Medical University in northern Hebei province said.
in Tangshan, Hebei Province will start producing crankcases and other parts in November 2006 in time for a production increase at the Toyota plant, according to Aisin.
Stamford, CT -- Bishop Julius Jia Zhiguo was arrested January 5, 2005, in the village of Wuqiu, Hebei province, in northern China.
Norske Skog, Lysaker, Norway, revealed that a new paper mill under construction in China's Hebei province will allow PanAsia Paper Co., which is owned 50% by Norske Skog, to more than triple its annual sales in China.
Cheng Xiaoli, 40, both "underground" priests in China's Hebei province, were arrested May 14 before they could start classes on natural family planning and moral theology in Anguo, a town about 130 miles southwest of Beijing.