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1. Hebrew.
2. Bible. Hebrews.
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WHILE YOU'RE THERE:Watch otters play in the lochs or join a day trip by boat to the remote island St Kilda, both by Hebr idean Adventures (www.
Q: In which group of islands is Lanzarote: ( a )The Hebr ides (b)The Balearics (c) The Canaries?
Inde ed, oneo ftheaims of the Flat RacingCommitt eei sthat the committees hould 'aim to providea race-planningfram ework within whicht hebr eeding of qualityb loodstockandthe improvement oft hethor oughbred arestimulat ed,andthus have regardf ort hee ffectthatany implementedr ecommendations mayhave ont hes hapeand progression oft hebr eeda ndo nthe long-termh ealtho fthe racing programme'.
The owners of the Hotel Hebr ides on Har r is had claimed the 27-year-old stole from them while he worked there.