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1. Hebrew.
2. Bible. Hebrews.
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Even his name (Hebr. Malkisedeq) became the subject of many discussions.
[16:20], zun Hebr. 2 [2:4],| [222v] ist nach dem bevelch Cristi von den apostIn alien volkem verkindiget, wie den der hall vom evangelio ausgangen ist in alle welt, Ps.
But, too few grandmothers survived to bear witness and to live on the threshold of Life and Death, on the dividing line, the Rakia (Hebr. Horizon) (19) between experience and perception, trying to bridge the gap between history, memory and reality.
Considering the exemplary part that martyred saints play in the Christian Church (Hebr. 12: 1), this component of the sacred in the bullfight is important--and in Hemingway's fiction corridas usually occur in religious fiestas in honor of various saints (DIA 33).
WHILE YOU'RE THERE:Watch otters play in the lochs or join a day trip by boat to the remote island St Kilda, both by Hebr idean Adventures (www.hebridean-adventures .co.uk).
Die laaste reeks se verteller is meer gesofistikeerd as die vorige twee en duidelik 'n geleerde man, soos onder andere getuig uit sy verwysings na Vondel en Karel Marx, en die name wat hy aan sy besoeker toeken: Beelsibub Luciferis of Beelsebul, Satan, Niek, Mephistopheles, "Abaddon (Hebr., verwoesting/ondergang), Belial, Donker Prins" (p.