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1. Hebrew.
2. Bible. Hebrews.
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Hebr 9,27 "Y estando establecido que cada hombre muera una vez, y luego un juicio, asi tambien el Mesias se ofrecio una sola vez .
Q: In which group of islands is Lanzarote: ( a )The Hebr ides (b)The Balearics (c) The Canaries?
Indeed, for Shammas the main achievement of Zionism is the reterritorialization of the Hebr ew language.
1982, `Burial Caves in the Region of East Talpiyot', Atiqot Hebr.
Inde ed, oneo ftheaims of the Flat RacingCommitt eei sthat the committees hould 'aim to providea race-planningfram ework within whicht hebr eeding of qualityb loodstockandthe improvement oft hethor oughbred arestimulat ed,andthus have regardf ort hee ffectthatany implementedr ecommendations mayhave ont hes hapeand progression oft hebr eeda ndo nthe long-termh ealtho fthe racing programme'.
Hebr 13,14-11,10), y al mismo tiempo aprendemos cual es, entre las mundanas vicisitudes, el camino seguro conforme al propio estado y condicion de cada uno, que nos conduce a la perfecta union con Cristo, o sea a la santidad.
The owners of the Hotel Hebr ides on Har r is had claimed the 27-year-old stole from them while he worked there.
Hebr idean Spirit has 48 cabins and runs two Greek cruises this summer - a sevennight Ancient Strongholds of Greece itinerary, starting in The ssaloniki and calling at Lemnos, Andros, Lavrion on the coast of Attica, Poros and Corinth.