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A scholar who specializes in the study of Hebrew.

He′bra·is′tic, He′bra·is′ti·cal adj.
He′bra·is′ti·cal·ly adv.
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1. (Languages) a person who studies the Hebrew language and culture
2. (Peoples) a person who studies the Hebrew language and culture
ˌHebraˈistic, ˌHebraˈistical adj
ˌHebraˈistically adv
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(ˈhi breɪ ɪst, -bri-)

1. a person versed in the Hebrew language.
2. a person imbued with the spirit of the Hebrew people or adhering to their principles or practices.
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Noun1.Hebraist - linguist specializing in the Hebrew language
linguist, linguistic scientist - a specialist in linguistics
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[ˈhiːbreɪɪst] Nhebraísta mf
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In the controversy over humanist and Hebraist Johannes Reuchlin, Staupitz and the Augustinians defended Reuchlin, while it was Dominicans at Cologne that accused him of heresy.
The subsequent, declining fortunes of Mill Yard are described in detail, along with the story of those London Calvinistic churches which maintained the Seventh-day witness or felt able to welcome those who did churches such as Bell Lane and Pinners' Hall with the influential contribution of the gifted preacher and Hebraist, Francis Bampfield, who illustrates 'the link between a strong church and a strong apologetic'.
Hermann Samuel Reimarus (1694-1768): Classicist, Hebraist, Enlightenment Radical in Disguise
Other influential pedagogues and pioneers profiled here include Hadassah's Jessie Sampter, ardent Hebraist Anna G.
Regardless of these flaws, the work of an eminent Hebraist such as Blau no doubt needs to be available to all Hebrew scholars; this book therefore deserves a place among other classic works of early-twentieth-century BH scholarship.
Goodblatt (foreign literatures and linguistics, Ben-Gurion U.) seeks to authenticate British poet and minister Donne (1572-1631) as a Christian Hebraist by elucidating the exegetical strategies that make him a participant in the intellectual and religious movement.
This work presents a series of essays on Jean Mercier, philologue of the sixteenth century and notable Hebraist, and Josiah Mercier, son of Jean, and also a philologue and humanist.
Rosenblatt constructs a compelling case that, when seen as a whole, "Selden's rabbinic works constitute a notable exception to those products of the English Renaissance that emphasize otherness and difference"; and that, moreover, his De Jure (1640), running 847 folio pages, is "one of the most genuinely philosemitic works produced by a Christian Hebraist in early modern Europe" (161).
The especial charm of Lowin's work is that its formidable learning, applied with a light, deft touch, and with abundant humor, appeals to the expert as well as the novice Hebraist. These columns, indeed, exemplify what Lowin, who holds a Ph.D in French language and literature from Yale University, might justifiably call haute vulgarisation, a popularization of the highest order that only one so learned in Hebrew as Lowin could accomplish with such seeming ease.
Esteemed German Hebraist, Johann Reuchlin, a Christian, vigorously opposed Pfefferkorn's campaign.
Instead of a typical Bar Mitzvah, my father (who was an accomplished Hebraist) and I studied together and we held the Bar Mitzvah in our backyard.
Snaith is a strong Hebraist, and his teacher was Sir Godfrey Driver.