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Noun1.Hebrew lesson - instruction in the Hebrew language
language lesson - a period of instruction learning a language
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The film also includes footage of a late 1970s Hebrew lesson that addresses the challenges and failures of intercultural and intergenerational communication and translation that the film itself thematizes.
I haven't had a Hebrew lesson since I was 12 and in those days I was more interested in disrupting the class than learning my ancestral language.
Levine administers a thorough Hebrew lesson on each word and phrase of these three chapters.
The Buddhist boys in Myanmar whose initiation requires them to live in a monastery for a week are not that different from Jewish boys who endure months of Hebrew lessons before their bar mitzvah.
While working in New York, she converted to Judaism after a year and a half of study that included Hebrew lessons, a weekly questionnaire on Jewish topics and twice-a-week meetings with Rabbi Haskel Lookstein, a senior rabbi in the U.
His striking proficiency in Modern Hebrew allowed him to eke out a living giving Hebrew lessons to young Zionists in Prague.
Demanding obligatory activities should have important meaning for the child, such as Hebrew lessons prior to a bar mitzvah.
Fellow Tory minister Nick Boles, who called for pensioners to be stripped of benefits, took Hebrew lessons at taxpayers' expense after entering a civil partnership with an Israeli.