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 (hĕb′rĭ-dēz′) also Western Isles
An island group of western and northwest Scotland in the Atlantic Ocean, divided into the Inner Hebrides, closer to the Scottish mainland, and the Outer Hebrides, to the northwest. Settled by ancient Celts, the islands lay under Norwegian rule from the 10th to the 13th century, when they were ceded by treaty to the Scots.

Heb′ri·de′an adj. & n.
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(ˌhɛbrɪˈdiːən) or


(Placename) of or relating to the Hebrides or their inhabitants
(Placename) a native or inhabitant of the Hebrides
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Adj.1.Hebridean - of or relating to the Hebrides
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adjHebriden-, der Hebriden; Hebridean islandHebrideninsel f
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After a late summer hay-cut, a resident flock of Hebridian sheep descend on New Grove Meadows to spend autumn and winter grazing.
They join Beacon Hill's unusual landscape management team which includes a mixture of Hebridian and Manx sheep who keep down invasive species such as bracken, a pair of alpacas which helps protect them and English Longhorn cattle which graze at the site.
On which Hebridian island did Prince Charles crash a plane in 1994?
Voisin commented on O'Leary's promoting of Hebridian Scottish Catholic immigration to Alberta and while he had no objections to potential English-speaking immigration, he did, however, object to the way it was implemented.
So why the Trek-Nepal boots and Hebridian fisherman's socks?
The first series of the popular BBC show in 2000 saw 36 strangers dumped on the Hebridian island of Taransay for 12 months.
The TV adventures of the Castaways are set on the Hebridian Isle of Taransay - just one of 800 islands that surround the 3,000 miles of the Scottish coast.
Tamara Kahn's excellent discussion of tourism on one Hebridian island, where tourists are often locals, permanently employed on the mainland but home on holiday, where year-long residents often arrived as tourists but stayed to settle, and where "traditional" architecture and artifacts are most likely to be preserved and reconstructed by urban retirees, offers a salutary warning on how easy it is for superficial observers (whether tourists or social researchers) to get things wrong.
Adverts on the Internet urge sado-masochistic women to sample a holiday on Eilean Beithe - said to be a "Hebridian refuge".
Unlike some Hebridian islands, West Isle does not have a tradition of strong religious sectarianism.
The whisky was taken by Hebridian islanders from the ship, left and below, after it ran aground
Britannia was, of course, decommissioned nine years ago, and this year Her Majesty has chartered a ship, the Hebridian Princess, to carry her and some 48 family and guests, on a short cruise before they land en route to Balmoral.