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 (hĕb′rŏn′, -rôn′, hē′brən) In Arabic Al Kha·lil (äl kä-lēl′, KHä-)
A city of the West Bank south-southwest of Jerusalem. Sacred to both Jews and Muslims as the home and burial place of Abraham and (to Jews) as King David's capital for seven years, the city has a history of Jewish-Arab violence. Hebron was occupied by Israel in 1967, but control of most of the city was transferred to the Palestinians in 1997.


(ˈhɛbrɒn; ˈhiː-)
(Placename) a city in the West Bank: famous for the Haram, which includes the cenotaphs of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, and Jacob and Leah. Pop: 168 000 (2005 est). Arabic name: El Khalil


(ˈhi brən)

an ancient city of Palestine, formerly in W Jordan; occupied by Israel 1967–97; since 1997 under Palestinian self-rule. Arabic, El Khalil.
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His eyes are more beautiful than the jewels of the Pectoral, and his flesh is like the honey of Hebron.
That is John Hebron, of Atlanta," said the lady, "and a nobler man never walked the earth.
Schekem and Hebron -- to which one who had taken life inadvertently
It does not pay to "fly" minerals and oil a mile farther than is necessary; but the risks of transhipping to submersibles in the ice pack off Nain or Hebron are so great that these heavy freighters fly down to Halifax direct, and scent the air as they go.
15 March 2018 - China-based clean industry valve and pipe fittings manufacturer Hebron Technology Co.
HEBRON, March 5, 2018 (WAFA) -- Israeli settlers backed by a military escort Monday installed four new caravans in an area adjacent to the illegal Israeli settlement of Kharsina, to the east of the southern West Bank district of Hebron, said WAFA correspondent.
Hebron is sacred to Muslims, Jews, and Christians and considered one of the most important and oldest cities in Palestine's history dating back more than 6000 years.
PNN/ Hebron/ A five-year-old Palestinian girl was injured on Sunday after she was run over by an Israeli military vehicle in the Old City of Hebron.
AP quoted the order as saying: "An administration will be established to represent the residents of the Jewish neighborhood in Hebron and to provide them with municipal services in a variety of fields.
A large-scale investigation recently uncovered a Hamas money transfer mechanism funneling cash from Hamas headquarters in Turkey and Gaza to operatives in the West Bank city of Hebron.
Contract notice: Installation of signaling elements of the vall d ~ hebron hospital complex and other graphic elements of an informative nature for the hospital universitari vall d ~ hebron.
Statistics from week before last revealed that the Governorate of Hebron has provided the majority of attackers in the ongoing Palestinian 'Habbah' (flare-up) since October 1915.