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A river of the southeastern Balkan Peninsula flowing about 480 km (300 mi) from western Bulgaria southeast then south between Turkey and Greece to the Aegean Sea.
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(Bulgarian maˈritsa)
(Placename) a river in S Europe, rising in S Bulgaria and flowing east into Turkey, then south from Edirne as part of the border between Turkey and Greece to the Aegean. Length: 483 km (300 miles). Turkish name: Meriç Greek name: Évros
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(məˈrit sə)

a river in S Europe flowing from S Bulgaria along the border between Greece and Turkey and into the Aegean. 300 mi. (485 km) long.
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Come, bright love of fame, inspire my glowing breast: not thee I will call, who, over swelling tides of blood and tears, dost bear the heroe on to glory, while sighs of millions waft his spreading sails; but thee, fair, gentle maid, whom Mnesis, happy nymph, first on the banks of Hebrus did produce.
And as his head, cut off from his beautiful neck, Was tumbling down the rushing course of Hebrus, His voice and tongue, with his last breath, cried out, 'Eurydice!
Poisson, Contribution A L'Etude des HeLotrephidae, Microve Lia Westwood (VeLiidae), Hebrus Curtis (Hebridae) de La Faune Ethiopienne (Hemipteres-Heteropteres), vol.
Alexis Palmero Rodriguez and the research team came to this conclusion after studying the terminal regions of the Hebrus Valles, an outflow channel that extends approximately 250 kilometers downstream from two zones of surface collapse.
Andersen (1982) recognized two subfamilies, Hyrcaninae comprising Hyrcanus Distant, 1911 from the Oriental Region and Nieserius Zettel, 1999 with three species living submerged in fast flowing streams and rivers in East and Southeast Asia, and the cosmopolitan Hebrinae, comprising several genera, including Hebrus Curtis, 1833 with more than a hundred species assigned to several subgenera (see Fig.
Cupid is the prime instigator of her original problem--her fascination with the young man, Hebrus. Cupid also prevents her from coping with this fascination, via her ability to work.
1 0,03 1.100 Eurygerris Hungerford & Matsuda, 1958 Eurygerris fuscinervis 129 3,8 1.600-2.000 (Berg, 1898) Hebridae Amyot & Serville, 1843 Hebrus Curtis, 1833 Hebrus major 1 0,03 1.050 TOTAL 3.355 100 Tabla 2.
His still-singing head and sounding lyre float on the Hebrus to the sea and finally wash up on the shores of Lesbos, an island off the Asiatic coast.
Going far into credulous complicity with the myth, Wright predicates, not without fond redundancy, that, even after the Maenads dismember Orpheus for ignoring their attractions and his head is borne away by the River Hebrus, his "tongue has no stop," his "song ...
(3) With an unmistakeable imitation of the final lines of Virgil's depiction of Orpheus's singing head going down the River Hebrus where it will eventually be found washed up on the island of Lesbos and worshipped, Garcilaso has Elisa offer consolation to Nemoroso: 'Elisa soy, en cuyo nombre suena y se lamenta el monte cavernoso, testigo del dolor y grave pena en que por mi se aflige Nemoroso y llama 'Elisa'; 'Elisa' a boca llena responde el Tajo, y lleva presuroso al mar de Lusitania el nombre mio, donde sera escuchado, yo lo fio' (St.