Hedge school

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an open-air school in the shelter of a hedge, in Ireland; a school for rustics.
- Shak.

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The pivotal and precarious communities Russell identifies in Friel's five plays are the anti-modern rural town of Ballybeg in Philadelphia', the besieged hedge school in Translations', the three civil rights marchers thrown together by violence in Freedom', Frank Hardy, his killers, and the audience in Faith Healer, spiritually united by the ritual murder/sacrifice that ends the play; and the unconventional family of Lughnasa.
Samuel Thomson, a hedge school master, known as the 'Bard of Carngranny', penned over two hundred poems between 1790 and 1810 and held what may be best described as 'poet laureate' status in the Northern Star, the newspaper of the Society of United Irishmen.
Set in a hedge school in Ballybeg, in Ireland in 1833, Translations sets the scene for the appearance of members of the British Army, who have been tasked to translate place names in the area from ancient Irish Gaelic to the King's English.
From David Henshaw's precisely designed set - a rustic, autumnal-colored barn serving as a Hedge School in 1833 rural Ireland - to the high caliber of acting by the entire cast, Barre Players' beautifully realized production brimmed with delicacy, intimacy, lively humor, and lyrical rumination on Sunday afternoon.
In a scenario Friel would rewrite only this year with his latest play, "The Home Place," a rural hedge school is shaken up by the emergence into the community's begrimed, barefoot midst of two English soldiers who have come to remake the map of Ireland.
Set in a Hedge School in 1830s Donegal, a rural community perceives itself threatened by English engineers on their Ordnance Survey task.
My old hedge school simply asked for a black blazer, not one with trim in school colours and specially woven badge that can only be bought in Harrods.
The action takes place in a hedge school in the townland of Baile Beg/Ballybeg, an Irish speaking community in County Donegal.
Indeed, such was the level of motivation for good teaching that parents on occasion went as far as kidnapping a hedge school master from another parish
History Ireland brings its Hedge School to the fields of Stradbally with talks on the Nazis and the IRA and our old friend Oliver Cromwell.
And there's no doubt this is what At The End Of A Winding Day, the new record from The Hedge Schools, is doing.
He also describes the Cromwellian Campaign in Ireland, the Penal Laws, houses and huts where Mass was observed, the Hedge Schools, the role of priest hunters, prisons where priests were kept, crosses, and other aspects of the period.