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Noun1.Hedysarum - genus of herbs of north temperate regionsHedysarum - genus of herbs of north temperate regions
rosid dicot genus - a genus of dicotyledonous plants
Papilionoideae, subfamily Papilionoideae - alternative name used in some classification systems for the family Papilionaceae
Hedysarum boreale, sweet vetch - perennial of western United States having racemes of pink to purple flowers followed by flat pods that separate into nearly orbicular joints
Hedysarum coronarium, sulla, French honeysuckle - perennial of southern Europe cultivated for forage and for its nectar-rich pink flowers that make it an important honey crop
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The viscous colonies are selected to test their resistance to heavy metals and their ability to nodulate Hedysarum coronarium L.
Phenotypic and genetic diversity of rhizobia isolated from nodules of the legume genera Astragalus, Lespedeza and Hedysarum in northwestern China.
John's wort herb, licorice root, root Hedysarum tea, rose hips, grass meadow geranium, chaga mushroom, sugar syrup, citric acid (acidifier), potassium sorbate (preservative), and sodium benzoate (preservative) [19,20,21].
They found that three species, namely; Artemisia ordosica, Caragana korshinskii and Hedysarum scoparium exhibited significantly different number of viable seeds in soils from differently aged stands.
For example, grazing on Hedysarum coronarium has been shown to have a positive impact on the productivity of meat and dairy sheep (Bonanno et al.
aerial parts and roots (Umbelliferae), Hedysarum daraut- kurganicum Sultanova-endemic aerial parts (Fabaceae), Senecio saposhnikovii Krasch et.
De este numero de especies, la llamada Hedysarum onobrychis, conocida como pipirigallo, tendria buena aclimatacion en suelo mexicano, aunque era originaria del sur de Europa.
Indicator species of seeded lowland sites included a preference of several native herbaceous plants, such as Equisetum arvense (field horsetail), Parnassia palustris (marsh grass-of-Parnassus), Hedysarum alpinum (alpine sweetvetch), and Artemisia tilesii (Tilesius' wormwood), for seeded sump caps.
5% Cleome serrulata Separate Individual Seed: 10 lbs of Hedysarum boreale ***
Stigma cuticle in Hedysarum glomeratum: structure and function.
One main highway (Highway 40) runs through the Kananaskis Valley in a north-south orientation, with roadsides primarily composed of managed (mowed) grassy areas containing numerous forbs (for example, Achillea millefolium, Castilleja miniata, Hedysarum sulphurescens, Taraxacum officinale), sedges (Carex spp.
Hedysari Radix (HR), known as Hongqi, is the dried root of Hedysarum polybotrys Hand.