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n.1.A yarn measure of six hundred yards or Spindle.
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If the man's heer, Slackbridge, let's hear the man himseln, 'stead o' yo.
Monny's the pleasant word as soom heer has spok'n wi' me; monny's the face I see heer, as I first seen when I were yoong and lighter heart'n than now.
Hence, perhaps, it comes that the flora of Madeira, according to Oswald Heer, resembles the extinct tertiary flora of Europe.
She ended heer, or vehement despaire Broke off the rest; so much of Death her thoughts Had entertaind, as di'd her Cheeks with pale.
It was toward evening that Ichabod arrived at the castle of the Heer Van Tassel, which he found thronged with the pride and flower of the adjacent country Old farmers, a spare leathern- faced race, in homespun coats and breeches, blue stockings, huge shoes, and magnificent pewter buckles.
Addressing a press conference in Karachi Thursday, Heer Ismail Soho said that she had joined the PPP the day she attended the dinner at the CM House a day before Senate election.
Dr Nabila said Waris Shah wrote about a vocal feminist in his poem where he fielded Heer against social rituals, mullahs, courts and family feuds, the factors suppressing the voice of women.
The president," Heer writes, "even has trouble digesting briefing books, so his aides now use 'big pictures' and 'killer graphics' to hold his attention.
On the one hand, we have award-winning TV and film actor Ahsan Khan playing the role of the doomed hero on London stage in a Serendip Production, back home Zindagi Gulzar Hai -famed Sanam Saeed just wrapped up her final performance as Heer in a Zain Ahmad-directed theatre play in Karachi.
The 63-year-old victim was heading towards Dunelm Mill to do some shopping when Heer approached her at just after 4pm.
For the attention of: De heer Jeroen Bommerez, architect
A total of four Carex names have been already transferred to other plant groups: (1) Carex antiqua Heer (Heer, 1869a, b) was considered by Mai (1999) to be "possibly Limnocarpus spec.