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 (hīd′l-bûrg′, -bĕrk′)
A city of southwest Germany on the Neckar River north-northwest of Stuttgart. First mentioned in the 1100s, it was the capital of the Palatinate until the early 1700s. Its university was established in 1386.


(ˈhaɪdəlˌbɜːɡ; German ˈhaidəlbɛrk)
(Placename) a city in SW Germany, in NW Baden-Württemberg on the River Neckar: capital of the Palatinate from the 13th century until 1719; famous castle (begun in the 12th century) and university (1386), the oldest in Germany. Pop: 142 959 (2003 est)


(ˈhaɪd lˌbɜrg)

a city in NW Baden-Württemberg, in SW Germany: university, founded 1386. 138,964.
References in classic literature ?
These ridges are chopped off at the mouth of the gorge and form two bold and conspicuous headlands, with Heidelberg nestling between them; from their bases spreads away the vast dim expanse of the Rhine valley, and into this expanse the Neckar goes wandering in shining curves and is presently lost to view.
Out of a billowy upheaval of vivid green foliage, a rifle-shot removed, rises the huge ruin of Heidelberg Castle, [2.
One thinks Heidelberg by day--with its surroundings-- is the last possibility of the beautiful; but when he sees Heidelberg by night, a fallen Milky Way, with that glittering railway constellation pinned to the border, he requires time to consider upon the verdict.
Miss Wilkinson recommended Heidelberg as an excellent place to learn German in and the house of Frau Professor Erlin as a comfortable home.
We met the Wilcoxes on an awful expedition that we made from Heidelberg to Speyer.
They too, poor things, had been taken in--they were actually stopping at Speyer--and they rather liked Helen insisting that they must fly with us to Heidelberg.
John Jacob Astor, the individual in question, was born in the honest little German village of Waldorf, near Heidelberg, on the banks of the Rhine.
This huge tower, resembling a tun standing on one end, beside which the famous Heidelberg tun would have seemed but a very ordinary barrel, served as a fortification, and on its platform were stationed Belootchees, armed with lances.
Heidelberg Canada is one of the first organizations, outside of Germany, to position itself under the new Heidelberg corporate branding.
Union representatives said that Heidelberg workers will begin by passing out hand-bills at the Dayton Dragons minor league baseball game "to bring attention to attacks on U.
Jean-Francois has successfully established Heidelberg Canada as a key player in prepress and consumables," said Richard Armstrong, president of Heidelberg Canada.