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 (hā′lông′jyäng′) or Hei·lung·kiang (hā′lo͝ong′kyäng′)
1. A province of extreme northeast China bordering on Russia. Harbin is the capital.
2. See Amur.


(ˈheɪˈlʊŋdʒaɪˈæŋ) or


(Placename) a province of NE China, in Manchuria: coal-mining, with placer gold in some rivers. Capital: Harbin. Pop: 38 150 000 (2003 est). Area: 464 000 sq km (179 000 sq miles)

Hei•long Jiang

(ˈheɪˈlɔŋ ˈdʒyɑŋ)

Chinese name of the Amur.



also Hei•lung•kiang


a province in NE China, S of the Amur River. 36,720,000; 179,000 sq. mi. (463,600 sq. km). Cap.: Harbin.
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By VINCENT OPIYOOn February 28, Chinese Super League side Beijing Renhe announced a loan deal had ben agreed for Kenyan winger Ayub Timbe to second tier club Heilongjiang Lava Spring.
Hailed as the 'City of Ice', Haerbin, the provincial capital of Heilongjiang, hosts the Haerbin International Ice and Snow Festival, the world's largest ice and snow event that opens on January 5 every year, where visitors can appreciate the top ice and snow art in China.
Residents of the northeastern Chinese province of Heilongjiang said that last Sunday morning they saw a small sun appear next to a larger one as the mercury plunged to minus 24 degrees Celsius.
HONG KONG, July 11, 2017 - (ACN Newswire) - A Hong Kong business delegation has explored investment and financing opportunities related to the growing strength of China's Heilongjiang Province as a regional transportation and trading hub under the Belt and Road Initiative.
Vice Governor Li Haitao told reporters at the government-organized Belt and Road Forum that China plans to complete the remaining sections of two pipelines in its northeastern province of Heilongjiang by the end of next year: the second East Siberia Pacific Ocean Pipeline (ESPO) for Russian crude oil and the Power of Siberia natural gas pipeline.
Seventeen coal miners were killed when a lift used to move workers fell down a shaft in northeastern Heilongjiang province in March.
Heilongjiang Province as big agricultural province in China, According to the data from Statistical Bureau in Heilongjiang Province, by the end of 2015, the cultivated land in Heilongjiang Province reaches 11.
com/china-coal-mine-accidents-claim-36-lives-liaoning-heilongjiang-province-2231569) coal mine accidents in northeastern China killed 36 people in Liaoning and Heilongjiang province.
HARByN (CyHAN)- China's largest Siberian tiger breeding center, Heilongjiang Siberian Tiger Park, said on Thursday that a total of 110 tiger cubs were born this year.
Une personne etait toujours portee disparue apres cet incendie, qui s'est declenche tard vendredi soir dans une mine situee a Jixi et est exploitee par l'entreprise etatique Heilongjiang Longmay Mining Holding Group, a indique Chine nouvelle.
BEIJING, Safar 09, 1437, November 21, 2015, SPA -- A late-night fire at a coal mine killed 21 people and left one missing in the northeastern Chinese province of Heilongjiang, local authorities and state media said Saturday, AP reported.