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Noun1.Heimdal - (Norse mythology) god of dawn and light; guardian of Asgard
Norse mythology - the mythology of Scandinavia (shared in part by Britain and Germany) until the establishment of Christianity
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The sandstones are interpreted as being remobilised sand from the Heimdal and Hermod formations, which has presumably been injected into the overlying Hordaland group.
Summary: The Danish X-Gen endpoint security vendor Heimdal Security and the KSA software and hardware distributor Sariya IT Company, have officially …
ART Derived from the Written: Henriette Heimdal and Leah Meredith Using photography, Heimdal portrays figures from ancient Norwegian folklore in uncanny ways while Meredith's paintings appropriate images from press cuttings around the topic of refugees, highlighting each individual's story.
Andra Zaharia, a security evangelist at Heimdal Security, (https://heimdalsecurity.
Skanska AB (STO:SKAB) announced on Friday the signing of a contract with Sor-Trondelag fylkeskommune to build the new Heimdal school in Trondheim, Norway,
17 -- Danish security firm, Heimdal, has discovered a new Android malware called Mazar that can spread via text messages.
Security experts at Heimdal Security said Mazar Bot spreads malware exploits through SMS and MMS messaging and creates a malicious link, which reads:
Accompanying its return is news of a new spam campaign targeting IKEA customers, according to the German security firm Heimdal Security.
Then, less than a week later, a BNSF oil train carrying fuel from the Bakken fields of North Dakota derailed and six cars caught fire, forcing the evacuation of the tiny town of Heimdal.
Heimdal Security said that it has detected attacks that aim to steal passwords.
The gas from Valemon will be transported through the existing pipeline from Huldra to Heimdal, which is a hub for shipping to European markets.
Heimdal A, Isacsson G, Nilsson L: Recurrent central odontogenic fibroma.