Heimlich maneuver

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Heim·lich maneuver

 (hīm′lĭk′, -lĭKH′)
An emergency technique used to eject an object, such as food, from the trachea of a choking person. The technique employs a firm upward thrust just below the rib cage to force air from the lungs, thereby dislodging the obstruction.

[After Henry Jay Heimlich (born 1920), American surgeon.]

Heim′lich maneu`ver

(ˈhaɪm lɪk)
an emergency procedure to aid a person choking on food or some other object by applying sudden pressure with an inward and upward thrust of the fist to the upper abdomen to force the obstruction from the windpipe.
[1970–75; after Henry J. Heimlich (b. 1920), U.S. physician who devised it]
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Noun1.Heimlich maneuver - an emergency procedure to help someone who is choking because food is lodged in the tracheaHeimlich maneuver - an emergency procedure to help someone who is choking because food is lodged in the trachea
emergency procedure - (medicine) a procedure adopted to meet an emergency (especially a medical emergency)

Heim·lich ma·neu·ver

n. maniobra de Heimlich, técnica que se usa para sacar o forzar la expulsión de un cuerpo extraño que impide el paso del aire de la tráquea o la faringe.
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A corrections deputy likely saved a county jail inmate's life by performing the Heimlich maneuver after the inmate choked while eating a breakfast bar, authorities said.
It's unclear whether anyone administered the Heimlich maneuver after Dyasha Smith choked, Perecman said.
According to the report, a teacher performed the Heimlich maneuver and a nurse assisted in CPR without success.
Police chiefs, who have claimed that those enrolled in the course were told beforehand that they would be seeing images of women in underwear, have received severe backlash for using such a footage to teach people the Heimlich maneuver.
Starks performed the Heimlich Maneuver, which he sheepishly admitted he learned from an episode of "Baywatch.
Finally, in order to help people "chocking in a big situation", Heimlich maneuver courses will be taught at the park.
Maitland sent McEathron to make an "All-Call" announcement for anyone who knew the Heimlich maneuver to report to the cafeteria.
Miriam performed the Heimlich maneuver (emergency procedure to clear a choking person's airway) by wrapping her arms around her friend's waist and thrusting.
Miriam says she remembered an episode from the Nickelodeon animated series in which Squidward gets a clarinet lodged in his throat and SpongeBob does the Heimlich maneuver.
From the latest guidelines for using CPR and the Heimlich maneuver to operating external defibrillators and controlling bleeding, as well as handling and identifying steroid use among athletes, SPORT FIRST AID is an exceptional reference any sporting or coach's library needs.
Without giving the situation much thought, Ryan quickly ran to help Brandon, wrapping his arms around his classmate to perform the Heimlich Maneuver.
The senator applies the Heimlich maneuver to Bloomberg News Service executive editor Al Hunt, choking on a piece of chicken while dining in Manchester.