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Noun1.Hela - (Norse mythology) goddess of the dead and queen of the underworldHela - (Norse mythology) goddess of the dead and queen of the underworld
Norse mythology - the mythology of Scandinavia (shared in part by Britain and Germany) until the establishment of Christianity
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With one in 10 UK adults now working on gig economy platforms, the Hela Job app is the first to focus on local job markets.
Hela governor Philip Undialu told ABC the latest violence was on Monday when 16 people including women and children died at the village of Karida.
Reports of the number of dead and dates of the violence differ, however, and Hela Police Chief Inspector Teddy Augwi told the Post-Courier six people had been ambushed and killed near Peta on Saturday.
TURN TO PAGE 5 FROM PAGE 1 It was a massive setback for Lassaad and Hela and their four sons, Yosef, Aziz and Ghali and Harun who were both born in Dumfries.
To get at the heart of the matter, a team of scientists from Beijing and Taipei wanted to get a new hint at cancer vulnerability from a mutational perspective by probing the most famous cultured cancer cells, HeLa cells.
We further measured the expression levels of GPNMB in human cervical cancer HeLa, ME-180, and SiHa cells.
HeLa cells were plated on coverslips and treated with either the control or experimental group for 0-72 h.
The Hela costume recreates the villainous character from the movie Thor: Ragnarok.
Before the HeLa line, researchers wasted a lot of time and money just attempting to keep cells alive.
William Bando, the administrator of Hela Province, said initial reports put the death toll from the aftershock at 18.